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Why the Pharmaceutical Industry Should Have a Deburring Process


Accuracy is critical in many industries but in the pharmaceutical industry, accuracy or lack thereof can easily be a matter of life or death. As a result, manufacturers in the industry must have machines and parts that are accurate and dependable. Anything that’s produced on these lines must be predictable and repeatable. Those in the industry know that even the smallest alteration being off spec has the potential to produce disastrous results. As the scale of the operation grows, these tenets become even more important.

The resulting margin for error is often small. A change in calibration or quantity, a small burr or an irregularity in a part, gasket or fitting could all spell trouble. Any one of these things might be the cause of a leak, mismeasurement or an even larger problem that could completely stop production on the line. While a production stop is not good in any industry, it’s downright dangerous when experienced in the pharmaceutical industry.

Many of the pharmaceutical products produced are time-sensitive and an unexpected delay could mean an entire batch needs to be thrown away, an unfortunate waste of time and money. Not to mention how a leak or mix that’s not kept sterile could endanger workers in the process. Therefore, quality deburring machinery is an important asset to all manufacturing processes. Having reliable deburring equipment in place can add an additional layer of safety for the pharmaceutical manufacturers as more and more take on the work of medical-grade components.

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Benefits of Deburring Technology in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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No matter what industry you’re in, accuracy counts. It’s important to have dependable machines and parts that produce accurate, repeatable, predictable results time and time again. The larger the scale of manufacturing, the more important this becomes. But some industries prize accuracy more highly than others. In the pharmaceutical industry, accuracy can mean more than just wasted product, it can potentially mean life or death, and the measures handled in the pharmaceutical industry are frequently so precise that the tiniest alteration can have catastrophic results.

In pharmaceutical manufacturing, it doesn’t take much to throw off a calibration or change a quantity in an unacceptable way, and a small burr or irregularity in a gasket, fitting, or other part can lead to potentially very expensive or even dangerous problems, delaying production for long periods of time, or even contaminating products. Hence, while deburring technology can be an important tool in any manufacturing industry, it’s a particularly integral one to the pharmaceutical industry.

Properly deburred parts can mean the difference between a production run that goes smoothly and one that goes disastrously. One tiny flaw in a part could mean a leak, an incorrect measurement, or worse, and those kinds of problems can stop production entirely. While in regular manufacturing a delay or an error in production can mean lost time and even lost product, in the pharmaceutical industry it can be even more disastrous. Products are often time-sensitive, meaning that delays can ruin entire batches which can quickly lead to exponential increases in cost. And products often have to be kept sterile, which means that leaks or mixes can invalidate entire batches. Plus there are safety concerns for workers when hazardous materials are being processed.

Good deburring machinery is a valuable asset to any manufacturing process, but in the pharmaceutical industry it can quickly become more than an asset. And with the pharmaceutical industry growing by leaps and bounds every day, and with more and more small manufacturers handling medical-grade components, proper deburring for pharmaceutical manufacturing machinery is becoming increasingly important.

If you’re a pharmaceutical manufacturer, you may need specialized deburring technology at your disposal to handle the precision of your instruments. At Cleveland Deburring Machine Company, we don’t believe in “one size fits all” solutions. We go out of our way to tailor each deburring solution to the specific needs of our customers, whether they be in automotive manufacturing, electrical engineering, or, yes, the pharmaceutical industry, we’re here to provide made-to-fit solutions for any deburring need. We offer no-cost application evaluations to all our customers to get an idea of your needs and to help plan the exact right system to serve them. No matter how specific or how precise your deburring or other machine finishing needs, we’re here to help!

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