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The Manufacturing Industry Has Long Been a Part of Ohio’s DNA

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Manufacturing in Ohio has roots that run deep and long as one of the oldest sectors in the state which employs over 688K people and has an output of over $100 billion as of 2015.

This sector was responsible for more than $47 billion in exported goods and a 93.8% share in total goods exported. In 2015, Ohio traded $29.35 billion in exports with Free Trade Agreement Partners with trade exports of $29.15 billion through the Trans Pacific Partnership. In 2013 small business contributed to a 89.4% share of total exporters. The top five markets account for 66.80% of manufactured goods exported. The top five are Canada (41%), Mexico (13.3%), China (5.1%), France (3.9%), and the United Kingdom (3.5%).

Ohio is regarded as a very attractive state for aerospace manufacturing. The aerospace industry employees more than 110,000 people. The aerospace firms based in Ohio generate annual revenue of $44 billion. The top three employers in this sector include GE Aviation (General Electric unit), UTC Aerospace Landing Systems (United Technologies Corp) & Honeywell.

There are also many small independent manufacturers like CDMC that work to support the aerospace industry in one way or the other through their services or products and/or parts manufactured. New investments on the horizon will likely only improve our standing in the aerospace manufacturing industry.

Ohio also has a strong chemical and polymer industry. Many of the world’s fortune 1000 companies have their manufacturing plants here, including Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Parker Hannifin, PolyOne Corporation, and Schulman. The chemical and polymer industry employees 46,000 people with an average salary of $64,600 a year, which is 24% higher than some other manufacturing jobs.

The future of manufacturing in Ohio is looking bright with major investments lighting the pathway and as Ohio residents we can definitively say, “Ohio is one of the best states for manufacturing in the U.S.”.

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Can’t Miss Topics at AeroDef 2017


This March 6th- 9th is one of the most important events in aerospace and defense manufacturing. AeroDef takes place in Fort Worth, Texas at the Fort Worth Convention Center.  This city just so happens to be the epicenter of some of the top OEMs in the country for the aerospace and defense industry, including industry leaders like Lockheed Martin with their Aeronautics Fort Worth facility. With all its promising conferences and tours, here is a list of the “must see” topics at this year’s AeroDef.


Composites are becoming cheaper to make, more efficient to produce, and constantly increasing in quality. Whether you’re just starting to apply composite production in your manufacturing process, or looking for new approaches towards in automated picking, AeroDef has the conference for you. Each of the four days has a composite-based conference depending on your interest and schedule. Check the schedule out here.

Cyber Security Systems

As information technology in the workplace becomes more and more digitized and organized within internal and external company systems, there is, of course, a concern for security and threat identification within the production process. These security challenges can be quite complex, so AeroDef has plenty of conferences on the subject for you to protect your network.

Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing

Additive manufacturing is one of the most significant innovations of the manufacturing industry and much more so in the aerospace and defense industry. 3-D printing has brought with it a plethora of ideas and novel approaches to aeronautics and companies are taking advantage of these innovations. There will plenty of discussion on the subject, including one by Lockheed Martin on March 7th. Be sure to check out all you can!

Triumph Tours

One of the most exciting aspects of AeroDef is the tours. A few goliaths of the industry will be opening their doors, including Triumph Aerostructures on March 6th from 12:30- 4:00 pm. This is a chance to check out how the large global manufacturers approach the manufacturing process and apply innovative and new technologies. You shouldn’t miss it!

If this year’s AeroDef is as promising as other years, you’ll reap the benefits by attending these specific conferences that are taking place throughout the 4-day summit. There will certainly be a plethora of exhibits to check out while you’re waiting for that next conference to start. So, check out the floor plans beforehand and see what you’d be interested. Organize your time and strategize which events you’d like to attend by checking out all the details on Aerodefevent.com.

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Design for Manufacturability in Aerospace Manufacturing and Beyond

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In any manufacturing field, it’s important to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Nobody has money, time, or resources to burn, and so manufacturers must ensure that their process eliminates any dead wood that would cost the company dollars, manpower, time, or inventory. No place is this more important than in high-cost, high-yield fields like aerospace manufacturing and design. That’s why many aerospace manufacturers practice what’s known as Design For Manufacturability (DFM).

DFM is basically the principle of designing a product in such a way as to make it easy and cost-effective to manufacture. It’s one thing to design a part to make sure that it will do its job well and efficiently when it is completed, but it’s another thing entirely to ensure that the part is also easy and cost-effective to produce. A perfectly functional part that’s expensive or difficult to manufacture won’t provide the same return on investment as a part that’s equally functional, but takes less time or costs less to produce.

Of course, the aerospace industry isn’t the only place that uses DFM. It’s present in almost every field of engineering, manufacturing, and development. But in fields like aerospace, where dollar values of end products can be extremely high, and the precision and function of parts can be particularly important, DFM is especially fundamental. Proper use of DFM principles can avoid key issues in development and production, as well as saving time and money in the long run. There are a lot of DFM ideas that are taken into account by designers, but one important one is the material that the product is made out of, and specifically how that material responds to various manufacturing processes such as tooling. Questions are asked, such as, “Is existing tooling sufficient?” or “Is custom tooling needed?”

Proper DFM will also assess a part’s tolerance for post-fabrication processes. Many parts may need heat treatment, plating, or deburring once they’ve finished production. Good use of DFM will acknowledge this need, and work to create a part that responds well to post-fabrication treatments, as well as identifying what sorts of equipment will work best to treat the part. Knowing the proper piece of deburring machinery to use can save time, guesswork, and trouble down the road.

At CDMC we provide deburring solutions for every field, including aerospace & defense. We’re well aware of the importance of DFM, and we put our expertise in our client’s hands, so that you can use our knowledge to help design the best solution for your manufacturing needs. We want to be your deburring machine headquarters, and we’re always ready to help our customers to create custom solutions to any deburring challenge.

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