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Recent Investments in Ohio Manufacturing Look Promising

ohio manufacturing

Ohio is home to thousands of manufacturers and industrial workers. The Great Recession of 2008-2009 hit hardest here in the great Buckeye state, and we felt it in the homes and families of thousands. 1 in every 8 professional persons in Ohio work’s in manufacturing, and as of now, 111,000 manufacturing workers are without employment. Last year’s elections reflected this need for jobs when Donald Trump won the Ohio electorate by a majority vote in the state. Regardless of the politics, what Ohio needs is an economic boost.

Recently, several manufacturing industry giants have invested in creating new facilities and plants in Ohio (and its northern neighbor Michigan). These investments could pave the way towards creating more jobs for Ohioans by increasing the small growth of manufacturing jobs in that region since 2011.

At the beginning of this year Fiat, along with other auto-industry giants, were looking towards expansion in the Ohio region this year. Fiat made the announcement in January of 2017 giving hope for the manufacturing workforce in Ohio. This move could provide 2,000 jobs in the region by the end of the decade. Fiat decided to move its plans of expansion to Ohio after other companies decided to do so when Present Trump vowed to implement a “border tax” on businesses that outsource their production.

Honda has also followed suit and is looking to build a new hybrid model in Ohio as well, prompting an increase in production rates and a need for new workers. Honda’s investment in Ohio has an already established history with facilities in Columbus and Dayton. These production plants provide jobs to more than 10,000 people and are a testament to Honda’s support in the region.

And as of last year, Whirlpool also made an $80,000,000 investment into their facilities in Findlay and Greenville, Ohio. The expansion will provide more space for the two plants that could provide new jobs, assembly capacity, and material space. The facility will double in size and could provide 1,200 jobs for people of that region.

Ohio has suffered immensely since 2008 with the economic recession and the outsourcing of the manufacturing industry to other neighboring countries. These investments may provide a little bit of hope for the local population of that region and could stimulate the Ohio economy as well.

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