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Power Transmission Deburring Solutions

power transmission deburring

These days, there are a lot of different ways to generate power. We use wind energy, solar energy, as well as fossil fuels and many other means to generate energy. But energy is only as good as its applications, and all the energy in the world doesn’t do any good unless it can get somewhere to be of use. Applied energy turns gears, powers drive shafts, and does things like run your refrigerator, drive your car, or power your manufacturing processes.

Turning that energy from potential into practical relies on a variety of systems that most of us take for granted every day. The engines in our cars are complex and precisely-calibrated systems of crank shafts, bearings, joints, converters, and other mechanisms that translate the energy generated by our internal combustion engines to the turn the wheels and make the car go down the road. Those complex systems require precision parts to operate smoothly, and those parts have to be free of burrs and other defects. Small anomalies in a power transmission system can lead to big problems when dozens or even hundreds of parts are all working in tandem.

That’s why the Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC) offers a wide range of deburring machine solutions for power transmission deburring needs. CDMC can produce single deburring machines, or entire deburring cells to handle any power transmission need. Here are a few of the deburring machinery solutions that we offer to help our power transmission customers control costs, improve productivity, and ensure quality:

  • Radial Ratchet – Our Model 2800 is an auto-loading machine designed to deburr radial ratchet clutch components. The Model 2800 uses two perpendicular nylon brushes with integrated coolant delivery, which adds to the lifespan of the brush.
  • CV Axle/Hub – Two nylon brushes situated on either side deburr the external ring grooves of constant velocity (CV) axle/hubs, producing a smooth edge break.
  • External Ring Grooves – CDMC employs a three-step process to deburr external ring grooves on transmission parts, including file inserts and CBN wheels, heavy-duty carbide rotary cutting wheels, and nylon brushes.
  • Torque Converter Housing – Our two-step system for removing the exit burrs on torque converter housing features a flap wheel disc to remove the primary burr, and a wire cup brush to remove any remaining residue, a simple process that ensures a smooth finished surface.
  • Internal Ring – The 7006i-FB is a complete deburring cell that can receive parts from a primary shaping machine and take them through a six-step deburring sequence, after which all parts are washed and treated then air dried.

CDMC offers a wide array of deburring machines for power transmission and any other deburring needs. Whether you need a single solution, or a variety of options, CDMC is your machine deburring headquarters! And if none of our standard deburring machinery solutions fit the bill, then we’re happy to custom-build machines to fit your needs!


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