OLS Model 2003-GB Deburring Machine

As one of the CDMC dual-side deburring products line, the OLS Model 2003-GB is a durable machine that provides predictable, repeatable deburring process results for steel transmission parts and a wide variety of gears.

For use in situations where it is beneficial to deburr both sides of bevel gears using two grinding wheels, the OLS Model 2003-GB handles parts up to 7” in diameter with dual grinding stations that apply a dimensional chamfer to both the upper and lower edges in sequence. An air-powered nylon brush follows the grinders to remove the residual burrs left by the wheels creating a clean, smooth chamfer.

The OLS Model 2003-GB offers cycle times that vary from 10 to 30 seconds – depending on workpiece diameter. The integrated, self-contained coolant prolongs tool life and enhances overall process results – as well as creates a safe and clean work environment. Coolant is applied to cool tools, control dust and wash parts after deburring.

Built with sturdy 1/4” steel plate construction, the OLS Model 2003-GB offers extreme durability and rigidity during the most demanding deburring work. The programmable software interface is easy to set up and use. The OLS Model 2003-GB also allows for simple manual tool adjustments.

Model 2003-GB Technical Specs:

  • Electrical Requirements – 480 VAC 60 Hz
  • Pneumatic Requirements – 80 PSI 3/4″ supply
  • Weight – 1200 lbs.
  • Maximum Part OD – 7″
  • Minimum Part OD – 2″
  • Maximum Part Weight – 10 lbs.
  • Two pneumatic grinders, one pneumatic abrasive nylon radial brush
  • Side Access Panel – 36″H x 20″W
  • Adjustable tool stanchions accommodate many applications

As an operator loaded machine, the OLS Model 2003-GB can be readily adapted to accommodate robotic loading and unloading. The small 36” x 40” footprint packs a lot of deburring power into a compact space. With a machine base that is adaptable to many applications (with only minor tooling modifications), the 2003-GB delivers cost-effective deburring with all of the variables removed for
predictable, reliable results.

All machines are built to specification OLS2005 (available on request), which complies with all applicable codes and standards within the United States of America. All machines can be built to CSA or CE specifications, as well as proprietary, site-specific and specialist specifications as requested.

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