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Our Mag Series is Great for Powdered Metal Deburring

Mag Series Machines
Mag Series Deburring Machine

Now an accepted part of manufacturing, powdered metals provides additional strength to greenware, which can be variable in terms of its sturdiness. Its strength comes from the use of compacted metal powders bonded with heat. The process also produces little in terms of scrap metal waste, a benefit to any manufacturer looking to build a more sustainable operation.  

To further increase the benefits of powdered metal parts and their use, CDMC believes manufacturers need and deserve solutions tailored to powdered metals that improve on the last stage of the deburring process.

To this end, CDMC offers a line of powdered metal deburring machines. This includes the Mag Series. The Mag Series accommodates through-feed, in-line deburring on both sides. The machines offer a series of magnetic conveyors, which bring the powdered metal parts to a series of brushes. The adaptable through-feed machine helps eliminate earlier issues of having to turn the piece over to deburr the other side and lessen the ambiguity introduced by the human element.

More Mag Series Features

Integrated coolant system

Auto amp compensation system to maintain brush pressure

2-. 4- and 8-head platforms

Easy, quick part changeovers

Accommodates a variety of flat powder metal parts

When you’re ready for a reliable powdered metal deburring solution, think Cleveland Deburring Machine Company.

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