Portable Deburring Machines

BOB full webThis portable deburring machine or BOB makes Basic Orbital Brushing its’ deburring mission. A single brush head can be fitted with a nylon disc brush up to 9” inches in diameter. Brush can be programmed to run CW, CCW or both in sequence. Basic work-holding chuck accommodates both OD and ID clamping, rotates during cycle and accepts parts up to 10” in diameter. Brush stop position is easily adjustable for optimum deburring of any part diameter/brush combination.

BOB is the ideal companion for CNC mills and lathes, ready to deburr the part as soon as primary cutting is finished. BOB is mounted on lockable casters for portability and can be ordered in 220 or 110 volt models. Integrated dust collection and easy to use software interface mean BOB is very user-friendly.

1TC and 1TR Deburring Machines

These basic caster-based portable deburring machines are a perfect and low cost way to deburr green powdered parts before sintering. A single conveyor moves the parts under rotating nylon brushes, either disc or radial, depending on the action required for the part. Brush motor and conveyor are mounted together and are readily raised or lowered to adjust to on-site equipment. Operates on 110 volt current.

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CART Deburring Machine

The CART is a miniature deburring lab on wheels. Rotating part spindle runs in both directions. Radial nylon brush is driven by 1 HP reversible motor. Grinder stanchion can be fitted with a variety of air motors and tool options. Programmable cycle creates real repeatability. Operates on 110 volt current and 80 PSI 60 CFM pneumatic power. Lexan shielding provides good protection.

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