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Creating a New, Used or Retrofit Custom Deburring Solution

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As your company enters into the fourth quarter of 2014 we’re guessing that you’ve already begun the necessary conversations to determine what changes will need to be made in the coming year to keep your manufacturing business nimble and profitable. Depending on your current business needs, those things could be adding another manufacturing line, increasing your staffing needs by adding another shift at the plant or looking for overall efficiencies that can improve the bottom line.

If your company is looking to increase deburring efficiencies within the business, look no further than the Cleveland Machine Deburring Company. Our company is known for its production of quality deburring solutions, but did you know that CDMC also offers convenient services to rebuild, retrofit and even service deburring machines from other manufacturers?

Besides the obvious cost savings of purchasing a used or retrofit deburring solution, you might wonder why a manufacturer might consider making a purchase of this kind. As a custom manufacturer of deburring solutions, CDMC understands that a new machine might not always be the right solution for every company. That’s why we offer the same quality services and attention to detail for our used and retro fit deburring equipment services as we do our new standard and custom deburring solutions.

No matter if you’re buying a new or used deburring machine, the fact-finding process always begins in the same way. CDMC wants to know about your product and learn more about the outcome you hope to achieve. In order to create a thorough understanding of your needs we’ll ask the necessary questions to learn more about your manufacturing process and we’ll also want to see the part or parts that you plan to deburr.

Next we firmly believe that seeing is believing so we invite all CDMC customers to visit our Cleveland location in order learn first-hand about the possible deburring solutions we can create for you. A visit to CDMC is a great opportunity to see the deburring equipment in action in its current environment and to inspect the deburring machines in person.

If during your visit you do not see the right deburring solution for your manufacturing needs, our experts can retrofit any of our existing deburring equipment for any manufacturer’s unique needs. We also know that a deburring solution is just one component in a long line of necessary equipment so we will work with you to make sure that the used or retrofitted machine of your choice fits into the existing machinery lineup, in order to create the best manufacturing solution for your business.

Benefits to Purchasing Used, Refurbished and Retrofit Deburring Machines

  • Generally no lead time to wait for
  • Ability to pre-inspect the machine in action
  • Lower cost outlay helps create a better bottom line
  • Easy access to parts for maintenance and repair
  • Lower cost of depreciation than new equipment
  • Ability to trade in old machines for credit on new equipment

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