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Charting the New Additive Manufacturing Roadmap

manufacturing roadmap

While the presidential candidates continue to battle throughout the state over trade agreements on which the ink has long since dried, other manufacturing groups are looking for proactive ways to grow and expand the industry. At the beginning of August, America Makes and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) announced a call for interested parties to help identify existing standards and specifications for the future development of the additive manufacturing industry.

Creating a Road Map

In an effort to grow the industry, America Makes and ANSI are looking to assess gaps, make recommendations, set priorities and create a road map toward standardization of additive manufacturing by the end of the year. Slated for Monday, Sept. 26, the meeting will cover topics related to process, design, qualification, certification, non-destructive evaluation and maintenance and materials including precursor materials, process control, post-processing and finished-material properties.

An Open Call

America Makes and ANSI welcome all U.S. additive manufacturers. This includes, but is not limited to, government agencies, material suppliers, original equipment manufacturers, academia, standards-developing organizations and other stakeholders. The approach hopes to bring many ideas to the table in an effort to create a coordinated approach to additive manufacturing in the state.

Industry Reinvention

As a traditional manufacturer, it will be interesting to watch the reinvention of the manufacturing industry from this approach. In some ways, the industry is creating something new while also retaining some of its roots. Only time will tell if this approach will have the ability to produce a foothold in additive manufacturing that many within the state continue to strive for. One of the most positive elements of such initiatives is the gathering together of unique individuals and groups with a common goal. The inclusion of varied participants from academia to government agencies is a good way to achieve a new perspective for an industry that’s looking to reinvent from the inside out.

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