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An Overview of the CDMC Mag Deburring Machine

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At the Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC), we’ve built a number of great deburring solutions to solve needs for a variety of different industries – including aerospace, automotive manufacturing, and consumer goods manufacturing. CDMC deburring solutions have been built to handle a variety of gears and sprockets, mission-critical parts made from exotic metals, and fluid power components. In addition, CDMC has built solutions for material removal (such as friction material from steel backing plates), de-scaling through the use of wire brushes, aluminum finishing, de-flashing, polishing, and honing. We’ve built portable deburring machines for our small manufacturing customers. We’ve also build large deburring solutions meant to handle many types of flat parts that require deburring on both sides – with an option for demagnetizing at the end of the process. The CDMC Mag 8-Brush deburring machine is one of the larger deburring machines we’ve built – although many of our clients say that it’s quite compact for all that it can accomplish in a long workday.

The CDMC Mag 8-Brush deburring machine is a 24/7 through-feed, in-line deburring workhorse that is incredibly adaptable to a large number of types of flat parts. With a total of eight independent, automatic load and wear compensating brush stations, the Mag 8-Brush machine is primed and ready for volumes of parts to be deburred. At the same time, the automation built into the CDMC Mag 8-Brush creates a reduction in labor costs for its manufacturer-owners who require a great deal of output but wish to keep operator involvement at a minimum.

Although the CDMC Mag 8-Brush is only 30″ deep and 96″ long, it’s still relatively compact for the amount of technology contained within. Operator access is facilitated by large doors – making it easy to manage brush changes and any service needs that arise. The 10″ wide magnetic conveyor makes use of permanent dual-channel neodymium magnets (also known as a Neo Magnets) to ensure ample hold on parts as they’re carried through the deburring process. Each part fed into the CDMC Mag 8-Brush machine can be brushed and deburred on both sides as they pass through. At the end of the process, each part can be subsequently demagnetized as it exits the machine.

As mentioned earlier, the CDMC Mag 8-Brush is one of the true workhorses in the CDMC deburring machine line-up. Variable speeds from 0-100″ per minute can allow all types of flat parts to be processed in a reasonable amount of time. The CDMC Mag 8-Brush utilizes a wet deburring system to keep parts and mechanisms cool during the process and the long work hours. Splash-proof doors, of course, were built to keep the coolant inside.

From an installation perspective, the CDMC Mag 8-Brush is easy to lift and set in place via the solid steel footpads and the forklift access from the front. Product literature for the Mag 8-Brush does show wheels on the unit, but these are typically used for assembly purposes. Most Mag 8-Brush deburring machines are placed directly onto the work floor, but the machine can be delivered with the wheels intact for ease of placement when needed.

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