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An Upbeat Message Given During the State of Manufacturing Tour

state of manufacturing

Recently, throughout the United States, there has been a lot of talk about the importance of manufacturing in the American economy. The manufacturing industry provides quality products and jobs to millions of workers with families as well as a firm foundation for our economic prosperity and growth. This same message is being delivered by the State of Manufacturing tour this year. It started February 23rd in Austin, Texas, continues today in Pittsburgh, and will end tomorrow in Madison, Wisconsin. Its goal is to motivate a real change in the way we view manufacturing, from new and upcoming workers to the laborers that have been in the industry for years looking to adapt towards the modernization process. To do this, the State of Manufacturing tour kicked off this year with its new slogan “Be the Solution.”

The tour went through many of the country’s industrial hubs in Texas, New York, Michigan, and Ohio. One such visit included Covestro’s and G.E.’s facilities in Pittsburgh. The tour started in Red Rock, Texas where Jay Timmons, CEO and President of the National Association of Manufacturers (N.A.M.) spoke of the “story of modern manufacturing.” Its narrative is extensive and ingrained within the millions of people involved in the manufacturing economy of the United States.  These individuals and their families, their towns, their regions rely on the strength of manufacturing to provide them with jobs and stimulate their local economies.

Mr. Timmons and N.A.M. are sending the message that the revitalization of the manufacturing economy is coming and we as manufacturers must be prepared to be part of the solution. And though there is a lot to navigate in the uncharted terrain of modern manufacturing, there are companies in the United States that are easing this transition for workers. Upscaling jobs as technological development increases, upskilling jobs as the need to increment workers’ abilities rises, and preparing those jobs for full-proof stability in the future for workers: this is the message of N.A.M. for today’s companies. And corporations are following suit, changing policies and prioritizing the innovation of American manufacturing to prepare it for the future.

N.A.M. coordinates with business leaders to help advance current policy-making decisions in D.C. and to communicate and facilitate these necessary steps towards the future of American manufacturing. The State of Manufacturing Tour this year has been a great motivation for American workers and companies to be involved in this process, providing a solid base for the men and women of modern American manufacturing.

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