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The Role of Relationships in Rebuilding the Manufacturing Industry

How many times have you heard the phrase, it’s not what you know but who you know? We’re guessing you’ve heard it many times and also have a number of personal examples that could illustrate your own experience. While this phrase has always played a role in business industries, it’s quickly becoming its own form of currency, one that’s built on exchanges between individuals.

Relationships, the New Currency

Who one knows evolves into knowing what someone else knows. In the state of Ohio, there are numerous examples of this relationship currency being used to retool a training program or introduce of a new educational endeavor based on a direct conversation with someone in the know. It seems so simple in retrospective. If you don’t know what someone wants why wouldn’t you just ask? Why indeed? In its years of service to the manufacturing industry, the Cleveland Deburring company directly understands how a new application or problem solving solution gets smarter or better after working with the very people who are set to use the machine.

The Industry Takes its Turn

Not a moment too late, the industry is taking similar steps to create similar initiatives in the various state-based educational facilities. One story told is of an Ohio-based superintendent who questioned a local manufacturer why it was so hard for his students to find employment after graduation. In this case, the local manufacturer answered honestly. The students coming out of the school didn’t have the right skills. In other words, the students couldn’t do what was useful to the manufacturer. It’s equally fair to say that the trainings probably didn’t do much to benefit the students either.

Who Wins?

Each year in the local, state and national elections the manufacturing industry hears promises of how working together can help solve skills gap problem of the industry and get things back on the right track. Subsequently following are stories of the losses incurred by these state- and national-based programs that continue to train people for the wrong things. It doesn’t take a businessperson to see that this is bad business for all involved. Unless those creating the programs and funding the educational initiatives get on the same page in terms of education, it’s comes down to mere guessing if a training will be efficient or not. This month, the northeast part of the state celebrated the opening of a $2.2 million state-of-the-art education collaborative at Cuyahoga Valley Career Center (CVCC). The robotics and advanced manufacturing collaborative creates opportunities for training in high-tech, well-paying manufacturing jobs. CVCC stated it worked with local business leaders to determine training needs for current students, yet only time will tell regarding its effectiveness.

Operation Critical

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