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The Manufacturing Industry Creates its own Repeatable Processes

deburringAs a trusted manufacturer of deburring tools, The Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC) knows the tools it designs must be reliable for high-volume and repeatable processes. If an application does not provide an easy-to-adjust solution, meeting the customer’s most important needs cannot happen. If this occurs, there’s a good chance they will not be a customer for long.

Increasingly, customers understand the importance of effective solutions addressing the last step in manufacturing. This is a shift in focus from when manufacturers accepted burrs and sharp edges as an unfortunate side effect. As a result, manufacturers also counted on associated lost productivity and reduced cost-effectiveness. Today, deburring solutions offer a way for manufacturers to create and maintain effective high-volume and repeatable processes.

Looking Further Beyond

The use of precise feed rates, sharp tools, and the proper die clearance allowed manufacturers to look at deburring practices differently. Similarly, the re-imagination of the industry is offering a new generation a reason to take a second look at a career in the manufacturing industry. One way this is occurring is with the celebration of the fourth annual Manufacturing Month in October. The month-long observance, including National Manufacturing Day on Friday, Oct. 2, offers students and others a chance to see how manufacturing is coming together to address problem solving in a whole new way.

Throughout North America, manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada plan more than 1,067 associated events. These include open houses, facility tours, job fairs, product and machine demonstrations and Q&A sessions with those working on the floor. Partners for the event include: the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association International, the National Association of Manufacturers, the National Institute of Standards and Technology and Hollings Manufacturing Extension. Last year’s event hosted 35,000 attendees, according to

Another Positive Step

Events such as the annual Manufacturing Month demonstrate an ongoing commitment within the industry and among individual manufacturers to welcome a new generation to the industry. It also shows a collective willingness to showcase the continuous strides happening in the industry. One example of this includes higher manufacturing wages within the state. These wages are approximately 9 percent higher than the state’s average wage, according to Cleveland Plus, a regional-based marketing campaign.

Accommodating New Demands

Everywhere you look, businesses are taking up the call to be innovative and quick to act. Manufacturers within the industry continue to heed this call. If you are looking for a deburring solution that’s cost-effective with the promise of superior customer service, contact the deburring specialists at The Cleveland Deburring Machine Company.

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