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Sustainability Encompasses More Than The Environment

In what seems like a short amount of time, the green movement has evolved into something much bigger. Green is increasingly being replaced by sustainability within the manufacturing industry, and today sustainability encompasses more than the environment, it also features elements of social and governance factors.

The concept of sustainability has effectively shifted the focus from a few to many, from the conservation of energy and natural resources to a concept of greater good with the potential of global impacts. It’s an idea that’s becoming so big that it’s hard to define. This applies to both the individual and for the companies that look to integrate sustainability practices into the safety of employees and the production of products while also helping the community at large.

Getting Assistance

Knowing sustainability is not a one-and-done endeavor, it can be helpful to have help when embarking on a mission of sustainability. Within the manufacturing industry, sustainable manufacturing is defined as using economically sound processes in the creation of manufactured products. To help manufacturers and suppliers adjust to supply chain demands with a sustainability mindset, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created a federal aid program.

The program known as E3 (Economy, Energy and Environment) provides a technical assistance framework to attract investment and to create jobs through a reduction in pollution and energy use while increasing profits. Participants of the E3 program can also access the Green Suppliers Network, which helps manufacturers reduce costs and improve the organization’s performance and competitiveness across the supply chain.

Greater Scrutiny

Laying a framework for sustainability has become more important as consumers and potential employees place a greater emphasis on the sustainability efforts made by an organization. Depending on the size of the company, these practices might also be considered within the perspective of an ESG score that ranks the environmental, social and governance efforts of an organization to inform potential investors.

The desire to know about an organization’s sustainability efforts is also common among Gen Z candidates who consider sustainability efforts as part of their job search criteria. It’s likely with the continuing influx of younger generations into the manufacturing industry that it will become even more important for a company to be clear on its sustainability focus.

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