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Ohio Receives High Marks for Manufacturing and Logistics

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Continued efforts to make Ohio a major contender in manufacturing and logistics seem to be paying off, according to the 2016 Manufacturing and Logistics Report Card for the United States. The annual report prepared by Ball State’s Center for Business and Economic Research, provides rankings of each state in areas contributing to manufacturing and logistics support.

Continuing an Upward Trend

With the exception of some minor dips, Ohio continues to move forward in an ongoing effort to regain its prominence as a manufacturing powerhouse state. Reasons for the upswing point to continued re-imagination concerning how the state thinks of manufacturing, including the embrace of newer manufacturing technologies such as 3D or additive manufacturing. The state also receives high marks for its welcoming attitude to industries not part of the traditional manufacturing lexicon such as the medical and technology industries.

Ohio’s Recent Report Card

Logistic industry health: A

Global Reach: A

Manufacturing industry health: B

Productivity and innovation: B

Sector diversification: C+

Worker benefit costs: C

Tax climate: C

Human capital: C-

Expected fiscal liability gap: C-

Closing the Gaps

When looking at the state’s average grade, it’s easy to see how the importance of diversification and education remain critical for Ohio manufacturers moving forward. Although as it should come as no surprise, the influence of human capital in regard to the availability and quality of labor is something that continues to warrant attention. Considering workers represent the largest single cost of doing business, it’s critical to have manufacturing workers with the right skills and ability to offer innovation and process improvements.

This report card further confirms the need for hiring and training manufacturing workers who are comfortable in an evolving environment that continues to grow more technologically complex because of a growing reliance on computers and specialized software. Likewise, it will require a collective effort to improve the gaps that continue to exist in manufacturing education at the high school and college level as well as the availability of on-the-job continuing education opportunities.

Looking Forward

Throughout the state, big and small manufacturers continue to make significant strides to improve the health of the industry through a well-trained workforce, strengthening transportation infrastructure, improving non-wage labor costs, accessing new technologies and generally improving how manufacturing business is done in the state. The Cleveland Deburring Company is proud to be a part of these ongoing efforts.

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