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Gear Deburring Solutions at CDMC

gear deburring

At the Cleveland Deburring Machine Company we pride ourselves on developing a wide range of deburring machines for all sorts of needs. Among our specialties, we have developed a particular expertise in techniques and applications for deburring gears. Gears make up an important and often temperamental part of many industrial manufacturing devices, and even a small burr in the gears of a machine can cause big problems. That’s why a lot of our clients come to us in search of gear deburring solutions, and why we’ve developed an array of deburring machinery and options to help them.

We’ve worked with all kinds of gears here at CDMC, from ring gears and pump gears to parallel axis gears and bevel gears. Whatever kind of gear you might need deburred, we’re bound to have a solution for you. Here’s an overview of a few of our more common gear deburring solutions:

  • Parallel Axis Gears – The CDMC Model 5000 is a perfect solution for deburring parallel axis gears. Not only that, but it’s one of our most versatile pieces of deburring machinery. It allows for manual or robotic loading, and can store hundreds of part profiles or “recipes.” It also allows for each piece on the spindle to be completely deburred on the top and bottom, without the need to flip the piece during the process. It’s not just good for gears, either. The Model 5000 is also a great solution for sprockets and other parts.
  • Ring Gears – For ring gears, CDMC has a couple of deburring machinery options that will fit most needs. The Model 1220 can deburr ring gears of up to 15″ in diameter in 2 steps, while the Model 9005 is well suited to larger parts up to 24″ in diameter. The Model 9005 is built around a unique loading platform and a specially-designed brush that approaches the part from below.
  • Bevel Gears – CDMC manufactures several types of solutions that are well-suited to handling bevel gears. We have machines that can deburr both sides of a bevel gear using two different grinding wheels, followed by an air-powered nylon brush. Much of our deburring machinery is easily adaptable to different applications with only minor modifications.
  • Spiral Bevel Gears – A popular product for handling spiral bevel gears is our Model 3040-RF, which incorporates a Fanuc 200i robot. Capable of handling spiral bevel gears up to 48″ in diameter, the Model 3040-RF can also store and recall numerous part programs or “recipes.”
  • Pump Gears – We offer several solutions for deburring fluid pump gears in a range of configurations, including through-the-gash deburring, which involves two offset nylon radial brushes that deburr the gear on both surfaces in a single rotation.


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