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Deburring with the Mag Series Improves Powdered Metal Parts

Sometimes it’s amazing to sit back and see how something once viewed as potentially disruptive to the industry is now commonplace and integral. One example of this is the decades-long use of powdered metal parts and the subsequent ability to deburr those powdered metal parts quickly and easily. The prevalence of the use of powdered metal (PM) parts continues to grow with evidence of its variable use in our homes, the cars we drive, the machines we rely on, and the plumbing we use. Another bonus of using powdered metal parts is the compacting process allows the production of highly compact shapes with only a minimum of scrap. Where else might you find a process that includes 97 percent of the material used in the final product?

Minimizing Downtime and Waste

Considering the many benefits of working with powdered metal parts, manufacturers deserve a deburring system with the same important benefits of increased efficiency, reduced waste and improved outcomes. In light of the continuing emphasis on the last stage of the manufacturing process, Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC) created and continues to improve upon a line of powdered metal brush deburring machines designed to handle powdered metal brush deburring in a way that’s versatile and flexible day in and day out. With an eye toward building in precious productivity to every moment on the line, the CDMC Mag series can accommodate through-feed, inline deburring for the parts requiring deburring on both sides. The high-production machine uses a series of magnetic conveyors to draw the powdered metal parts to a series of brush sets.

Thoughtful Design and Planning

Understandably, this kind of action will build up heat. That’s why the CDMC Mag series contains an integrated coolant system designed to increase the lifespan of the Mag Series brushes and keep powered metal brush deburring efficient. The exclusive CDMC Auto Amp Compensation system also assists with maintaining brush pressure for consistent quality.


2-, 4- and 8-head platforms

Ability to deburr one or two sides

Quick and easy part changeovers

Accommodate a wide variety of flat powder metal parts

If you’re in the market for a smart and reliable powdered metal brush deburring solution, talk to the deburring solution experts at The Cleveland Deburring Machine Company. We can provide for a custom-tailored solution for gears, sprockets, aerospace and defense, power transmission, powdered metals, fluid power and custom applications. Our no-charge application evaluation includes a detailed report and process description in as little as 3 to 5 business days. Contact CDMC today for a deburring machine that’s right for you.

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