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Deburring Solutions for Many Applications

As many in the manufacturing industry already know, deburring is a process that seeks to eliminate thin ridges or areas of roughness on machine parts that have resulted from the cutting, shaping, or otherwise manipulation of metal in various forms. There are a number of deburring solutions available to most manufacturers or markets. The following is a listing of the most common types of deburring solutions available.

It should be noted that the Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC) offers several standard practices for deburring. CDMC can build and configure deburring machine solutions to fit most any application, given a set of customer deburring requirements. The following is a listing of various deburring solutions by type.

Gears: The history of gear use dates back to Greek mechanics in the 3rd Century B.C. And as gears are an integral part of many types of machines, any deburring machine company should have built a special competency around gear deburring. Whether a bevel gear, a ring gear, a pump gear, a parallel axis gear, or any other type of gear, deburring machines are available to remove heavy or residual burrs that form during usage.

Sprockets: The term sprocket has come to mean virtually any wheel form with radial projections that are used to engage a chain, track, or tread that passes over it. Sprockets are used to move treads on various kinds of battlefield tanks, as well as filmstrips in many projectors. Given that sprockets are abundant in automation and manufacturing – as much, perhaps, as gears – the deburring industry has built a number of solutions for deburring sprocket faces. Many of these deburring solutions address sprockets on both faces. There are also deburring solutions for multi-row sprockets as well.

Powdered Metals: Greenware – those metal parts that have not yet been through the sintering process – must often be handled and deburred with some care. Many of these types of parts require deburring but are fragile before sintering or cannot be magnetized during any part of the pre-sintering process. Given this special need, many deburring solutions are available to help with any kind of special handling or output need.

Fluid Power Parts: As fluid power components come in many shapes and sizes (such as gerotors, pump gears, and pump housings), the acceptable deburring solution for fluid power parts must take into consideration the ability to address parts on a number of different angles. At the same time, there must be constant brush pressure to ensure that multi-faceted parts are adequately prepared on all sides, from above and below.

Over the ages, the deburring industry has become quite adept at addressing the needs of many types of applications and markets. Outside of the common applications (listed above) the deburring industry also addresses needs for aluminum finishing, polishing, honing, deflashing, descaling, and material removal.

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