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Deburring Machines and Aluminum Finishing

deburring machines

At the Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC), we’ve been in the business of designing and engineering deburring machines to fit a great number of applications for our many clients. As we’ve seen growing interest in our deburring solutions from nearly every industry (especially manufacturing), we’re accustomed to listening to our clients talk about their special needs and designing solutions that make use of one of our deburring machines. Here at CDMC, we believe that any deburring or materials finishing solution can be found or designed, and we encourage our clients and prospects to contact us with their needs.

In talking to our clients about their manufacturing processes, we’ve learned a good bit about their business and the business of manufacturing as well. We’ve learned that our deburring machines can be re-tooled and re-purposed to handle a number of special processes, special materials, and special finishes. The aluminum finishing process is one such special request made to us by a customer. And, in designing the solution, we were able to make use of a CDMC Model 9060 that resulted in a solution that was fast and highly controlled. The customer, a contract manufacturer of stamped metal parts for front-load clothes washers and dryers, was incredibly satisfied.

In order for a contract manufacturer to affect a brushed finish on a piece of aluminum that will later go into the manufacture of a retail product, there needs to be a great deal of control in every aspect of the finishing process. Retail products should always look identical to one another, as the retail market carefully scrutinizes products before making a purchase decision. Uniformity is crucial. So, when our stamped metal parts client came to us with their problem, we knew that we could deliver a solution that would meet their expectations, but we also knew that we had to design and develop a system that would handle each piece of stamped aluminum with great care and precision. In addition, we also knew that the process had to be fast.

In utilizing an operator-loaded CDMC Model 9060, we were able to deliver an aluminum finishing solution that was affordable and efficient. The Model 9060 offered a consistent brush finish on every piece of operator-loaded aluminum in as little as seven seconds. The aluminum parts could be loaded manually by the operator, but then the Model 9060 took over: automatically pulling the sheet of aluminum into the machine, clamping the piece with a vacuum table below, and utilizing a custom-designed brush to rotate against the surface of the aluminum for a specific amount of time. The result of the process was a perfectly-brushed finish on every piece of aluminum.

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