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The Czech Republic Has Been a Manufacturing Industry Leader for Decades

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When the Austro-Hungarian empire split up, Czechoslovakia became an independent nation and immediately established itself as a manufacturing industry world leader. Today, manufacturing is still paramount to the Czech Republic. Nearly 40% of all working citizens have jobs in the industry, and manufacturing comprises 35% of the Czech economy.

With a centralized location in Europe, excellent transportation infrastructure, a wealth of natural resources, and trade agreements linking the East and West, it is no wonder Czech Manufacturing attracts a lot of direct foreign investment. It’s the perfect trading buddy for Germany, Russia, and the rest of Europe.


Before we can talk about any other manufacturing industry sector, we must pay homage to the resources that make it all possible. The Czech lands have a wealth of natural resources, mostly including raw mineral deposits. Unfortunately, Iron ore must be imported. However, black coal and limestone mines in the Ostrava region make manufacturing in the homelands cheaper and easier. Leading mining companies include Arcelor Mittal, Evraz Vítkovice Steel, and Třinecké.


As with much of central Europe, the most important sector in Czech Republic manufacturing is the automotive industry. More the 50% of all Czech exports are automotive products, and the industry employs more than 120 thousand people. The largest producers of automobiles in the region are Škoda Auto (Volkswagen group) TPCA (Toyota/PSA joint venture) and Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech.


The Czech chemical sector consists of various niches including basic chemistry, crude oil processing, pharmaceuticals, rubber production and plastics. Since chemical production requires raw materials, water and energy sources, and qualified human’s resources, the chemical industry is often considered an economic indicator. With these ingredients in place, chemical manufacturing dominates the northern Bohemia region, along the Morava River. Major contributors include Chemopetrol Litvínov, Paramo Pardubice, (Petrochemical production) Spolana Neratovice, Lovochema Lovosice, (Basic Chemicals), Kaučuk Kralupy nad Vltavou, and Barum Otrokovice (Rubber industry).


Despite having such an excellent infrastructure and capacity for manufacturing, foreign investors and workers still have difficulty breaking into the Czech market. This is partially due to the language. Although English is widely spoken in business, the saturation of English speakers is considerably lower in the Czech Republic than other European nations. Moreover, Czech is a considerably difficult language to learn.

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