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Custom Deburring Systems and Deburring Applications

deburring applications

The Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC) has a long history of designing and developing deburring systems and deburring applications for valued customers in manufacturing and related industries. Typically, the design and development process—as it’s related to custom solutions—begins with  a specific need that has been brought to our attention by a customer.

Many CDMC deburring solutions are centered around systems for gears and sprockets, but some are more specialized. We’ve built solutions for power transmission parts such as radial ratchets, internal rings, CV hubs, external ring grooves, and torque converter housings. We’ve also built custom deburring solutions for powdered metals. These are typically parts that are incredibly fragile. Many types of powdered metals cannot be magnetized before sintering, so the solution we offer, such as the CDMC 4000 series, handles the green powder parts carefully.

In the past, we’ve also designed deburring solutions for the fluid power component manufacturing industry. In this case, we’ve designed solutions to handle common fluid power parts such as gerotors, pump gears, and pump housing components. In designing a machine to handle fluid power components, we’ve utilized a number of our existing machines, working with the customer and their specifications to develop a custom solution that fits their parts, requirements, and tolerances. The CDMC Mag Series  machine has been used in this respect, due to its through-feed, in-line capabilities. The Mag Series machine is well-suited to a high production need and is capable of handling many types of flat parts via a series of magnetic conveyors.

One of the areas of specialization that CDMC has been fortunate to work within is in developing applications for the aerospace and defense industry. Over the years, we’ve helped a number of aerospace and defense industry customers with deburring solutions that were carefully designed and developed to handle exotic materials and parts such as titanium turbine blades, compressor gears, and pinion gears. Due to the nature of the products developed by the aerospace and defense industry, each of our proposed applications needed to be highly reliable and repeatable. Titanium requires special handling. Each aerospace and defense industry part is considered “mission critical” in nature, and the solutions developed utilized constant brush pressure, precise brush timing, and maximum media usage. Integrated coolant delivery kept brushes cool and extended their usable life.

When it comes to designing custom deburring systems and applications, CDMC is always ready to listen to specific client needs and to help design and develop a solution that fits the bill.

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