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Avoid the Dangers of Undetected Burrs

Even the smallest of rough edges have the potential to snag and tear. Now think large scale, the undetected burrs present on pieces of metal and plastic used in the manufacturing process or pieces specially cut or injection molded. All hold the potential for rough edges.

Stop it Before it Starts

In the manufacturing industry, undetected burrs can create serious issues. That means the possibility of a mechanical hazard can lurk anywhere along any step of the manufacturing or production process. The potential for danger can be any place where bits, blades or presses are in use. Left unchecked, burrs can create interference in the production line, work stoppages and even be the cause of dangerous injuries to unsuspecting line workers.

Knowing the inherent cost of downtime on a line, every manufacturer is on the lookout for ways to keep lines running and workers safe. Although a number of safeguards are in place to keep human operators away from danger, it can be difficult to eliminate the possibility of injury or the potential of human error. In just an instant, trouble can befall a line if an operator encounters a burr on the edge of a piece of metal or rigid plastic.

Common Injuries and Line Issues

  • Cuts on hands or arms
  • Mechanism jams during production
  • Advanced wear and tear on moving parts
  • Cut/severed wires
  • Short circuited or burnt-out machines
  • Buildup of plating on edges
  • Fractures on edges

Safety First

Manufacturers can easily avoid these scenarios by employing the simple and time-tested solution of deburring. Regular deburring can extend the life of tools, minimize average wear and tear, increase lifespan and productivity to boost safety and save time and money. Deburring smooths away the small pieces of metal that can affect a product’s safety and functionality. It is also an important way to ensure ongoing product quality and safety for users.

Custom Approach

Knowing every manufacturer has its unique needs and processes, Cleveland Deburring Machine Company offers a customized approach to each manufacturer’s exact needs. This process begins with a needs assessment. Here, we will look at the standard deburring options for gears, sprockets, powdered materials, and fluid power parts. After the assessment, we will decide if this is the correct starting point or if a better solution exists. Working together, we will determine the exact requirements to find the right deburring system for your needs.

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