JOB NO. 137


A manufacturer of electric motors needed an automated descaling solution to remove build up from heat treating.


Machine Base

  • The ½” steel wall machine base is tall to allow for large brush heads to move up and down the work pieces while leaving a limited footprint on the customer’s shop floor.


  • Work pieces arrive via conveyor and are picked up by a pneumatic gripper assembly mounted to a linear rail/bearing system. Gripper pads are custom made for this application.
  • As the part drive spindle containing outgoing work is presented to the opposite gripper via linear rail/carriage assembly, both incoming and outgoing parts are picked and transferred to the work spindle and exit conveyor respectively.
  • The incoming work piece is clamped by a collet/drawbar assembly and shuttled into the work area.
  • A directly driven steel wire cup brush treats the top rim of the work piece while a 15” crimped steel wire radial brush cuts scale away from the side wall. Both brushes are driven by large frame D.C. motors mounted to linear slide assemblies. Auto Amp Compensation is used to determine cut pressures for both brushes.
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