OLS Model Mag 1/C Deburring Machine

The OLS Model Mag1/C is an economical deburring machine designed to deburr a wide variety of powdered or sintered metal parts prior to a firing process. This unique machine provides an affordable, effective deburring solution for powdered metal and other “soft” materials.

Compact in size and mounted on 4 locking casters, the OLS Model Mag1/C was designed to accept parts in-line with the press. The single 36” magnetic conveyor provides excellent grip for aggressive parts brushing. As the belt moves the parts to a position beneath the rotating nylon brushes, the OLS Model Mag1/C easily removes loose burrs and powder prior to sintering.

The 6″ brush that accompanies the OLS Model Mag1/C runs at variable speeds from 0–300 RPM. The brush itself can be configured as radial (wheel type) or disc (cup type), depending on the action required for the part.

Model Mag1/R, Mag1/C Technical Specs:

  • Outputs up to 10 parts per minute
  • Accepts parts up to 6″ in diameter
  • Electrical Requirements –110 VAC 60 Hz
  • Pneumatic Requirements–none
  • Weight –160 lbs.
  • Brush Face Height Adjustment (from floor)
    • Minimum – 10″
    • Maximum – 44″
  • Conveyor Height Adjustment (from floor)
    • Minimum – 10″
    • Maximum – 44″
  • Conveyor Type: Magnetic
  • Maximum Part OD – 6″
  • Minimum Part OD – 2″
  • Maximum Part Weight 5 lbs.
  • Media – Electric motor fitted with radial or cup nylon brush
  • Mounted on 4 locking casters

The OLS Model Mag1/C was specifically designed for portability and ease of integration into existing manufacturing bays. The conveyor and brush head are height-adjustable to accommodate a variety of infeed or outfeed placements. All machines are built to specification OLS2005 (available on request), which complies with all applicable codes and standards within the United States of America. All machines can be built to CSA or CE specifications, as well as proprietary, site-specific and specialist specifications as requested.

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