OLS Model 5000

outlined Model 5000In the past, deburring was a time consuming, labor intensive process usually done by hand. Competent hand deburring was an art that presented a steep learning curve to new employees. Consistency of the hand work was difficult to measure, and precise results were difficult to achieve. Fortunately, the more advanced automated deburring machines of today can produce highly precise, superior results in a fraction of the time it took to deburr parts by hand. Additionally, automated deburring machines can help promote accuracy in the manufacturing processes and products by eliminating rough or jagged edges on critical machine parts.

When you need to ensure precise, high quality, and high functioning deburring results, the Model 5000 by the Cleveland Deburring Machine Company provides an efficient and economical solution for deburring a wide variety of gears, sprockets and other parts. The CDMC Model 5000 can accommodate a wide variety of parallel axis gears.
The Model 5000 is a member of the CDMC 1000 Series deburring machines, and can be provided with single side capability (Model 2500) or dual side capability (Model 5000).

The Model 5000 allows for manual or robotic loading – and each part placed on the spindle can be completely deburred (top and bottom) without having to manually flip the part during the deburring process. Other Model 5000 options include an integrated dust collection system, an auto door, and a touch screen user interface. The Model 5000 offers rugged, dependable output and easy maintenance.

Another option is the zero-setup deburring feature, which allows for all variables to be recorded and stored within the machine program. Once saved, these “recipes” can be recalled at any time by simply entering the part number of the gear to be deburred – further reducing variables in burr removal and part consistency.

For a precise, superior-quality, economical deburring solution, the CDMC Model 5000 can deliver the quality and consistency required time and time again. This machine’s versatility and functionality will ensure the end results will be of the highest standards. As a member of the 1000 Series, it has the ability to provide a variety of deburring functions, depending on the application and desired end result.



before deburring gear finished gear