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National Manufacturing Day Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary

national manufacturing day

Five years ago marked the beginning of what is now celebrated every Oct. 7 as National Manufacturing Day. Considered an Administrative initiative, President Obama created the Framework for Revitalizing American Manufacturing in an effort to revive the U.S. manufacturing sector.

From such initiatives came the introduction of National Manufacturing Day, designed to place a consistent focus on the need for continued growth of the technologies and skills used in the manufacturing industry. This year’s celebration included factory tours, career-exploration panels, and hand-on demonstrations at more than 2,639 sites in the United States and Canada.

Renewing Commitment

Each year, the National Manufacturing Day events serve as a celebration for the successes of the last five years as well as a way to introduce the manufacturing sector to a new generation of students and workers. These efforts were further highlighted in a new report from the National Economic Council demonstrating the Administration’s desire to improve the industry’s competitiveness. Since the introduction of National Manufacturing Day, the Administration estimates the addition of 800,000 new jobs since the Great Recession.

Using a multi-prong approach, the Administration continues to emphasize innovations through next-generation technologies, becoming more cost-competitive for production, attracting investment through improved manufacturing skills, supply chains and communities, opening access to markets and promoting U.S. investment.

Progress Report

Grants to strengthen supply chains by the National Institute of Standards and Technology

Initiatives for technical training for veterans from the Department of Veteran Affairs

Introduction of next-generation technologies from NASA

Commitments to create manufacturing-oriented online courses from MIT

Introduction of 18 new Grand Challenge Scholars Programs from colleges and universities across the


Offering 30 new manufacturing apprenticeships from the Manufacturing Association of Central New York

A Local Approach

This year, Ohio hosted 179 Manufacturing Day events in the state. These included events with state representatives, manufacturing facility tours and introductions to the growing number of apprenticeships available in manufacturing. Following the tours, many students returned to their schools to take part in panel discussions with guidance counselors, administrators and teachers to discuss what the students saw on the tours and brainstorm ways the students could incorporate manufacturing in their future career path.

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