Green Powder Deburring Machine

CDMC Mag 4A unique family of through-feed deburring machines which are adaptable to many types of parts that need deburring on opposing sides. Brushes are arranged in over/under pairs for simultaneous two side deburring.

The first pair rotate CW, the second pair CCW which deburrs the edges from both approach directions, producing a clean consistent edge break. The 4000 series concept has been built into a wide variety of base styles to accommodate virtually any infeed/outfeed orientation.

For smaller output requirements the Model 4620 is ideal, with integrated dust collection. Higher output usually require the use of coolant rather than dust collection in order to keep the brushes from over-heating. The 4620 deburrs parts up to 6” in diameter.

iM processareaFor higher output or parts up to 8” in diameter, the OLS 4815 is a larger base machine built specifically for higher unit volume.

All 4000 series machines are available with OLS’s exclusive Auto Amp Compensation system, which maintains constant brush pressure throughout the life of the brushes for consistent quality and maximum media usage. Integrates easily with auto-loading conveyance systems. Autoset software makes change-overs a snap. They can deburr parts from 1/8” to 3” thick .

process area3The 4000 series are versatile, flexible and productive deburring machines with a model for every output need.